Saturday, March 20, 2010

The path

I have walked th path of righteousness
I tread th path of evil
I had a spark once, grew into a blazing fire
Before th cold hail n storm of betrayal doused it
Now i wander through th valley of th shadow of death
I don need salvation, i dont want a guide
The light blinds n confuses me
Th darkness, oh th darkness
Snuggles me in th cool embrace of its naked bossom
Calling out to me, singing 2my soul
I want you, nobody can hurt u now
U r in control now
Darkness, her soft breath on my cheek
Her kiss against my cold lips
A stirring inside of undefined proportions
Her nails digging into my neck, her teeth my shoulders, drawing blood
An inferno, everything tinted in crimson
A desire 2satisfy n worship her

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