Saturday, March 20, 2010

My 2cents: Random thoughts

hought 1: Resolutions
This one i plagiarised some parts frm somebody. She can write n it ws rily rily good tho i neva told her that, cz she wouldnt admit that th fallen note almost made her cry. Nwy enaf of that.
The only reason most of us r never able to keep resolutions is cz we treat them as if they r set by the gava. Damn people, we must learn 2create custom clauses there. I mean make them worth the 1minute it took to come up with. Lk swear to stop drinking....alot. Or take an oath 'naapa ya kwamba nita acha pombe....kwa meza!' Its so easy to keep em its amazing.

Thought 2: me, her, them
Campo is really an awesome place n i'm sure when i leave i'm gonna miss it somewhere at the back of my head. Nwy the girls here b interestin. Bt i'ma deal wit that later.
Nwy stimes life cn get complicated for a guy esp when u dont wana go back to the badside cz u got sbody u rily care bout n u dont want anything in the closet. U realize the mind is strong bt the body has needs. Then the perfect chance to revenge on th ex comes, silver platter n the whole works. Bt u give it up nt cz u give a shit bout the ex, but bcz the parameters of vengeance will add to them skeletons u r avoiding.
Another funny thing, the number o booty calls increases by a factor of 10 accordin to your determination to keep off em.

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