Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Diaries : Vol 2 - 24/7 Stalker

Watch ua back...side

6.00 Gotta get up early in order 2 catch her at her fave restaurant

9.00 I "accidentally" bumped in2 her as she walked 2 the lift. God, she smells great! That mixture of body lotion and perfume...sigh!
A few strands of hair got caught in my coat...i smell em..put em in my pocket. I'll add them to the rest of her souvenirs later...

11.00 I leave work early so that i reach her fave eatin spot n get a gud view...
She comes in. As she turns to sit, our eyes meet 4 a fleeting second...yee 4me. Now she knows i exist!
She has her meal then leaves...i quickly occupy her space...the plate she's eaten frm hasnt been taken away. I grab the spoon she'd used...her lips had touched it! I quickly slip it in2 my pocket...great, more memorabilia!

2.00 I follow her 2 whea she works. I know her routine well. Hell, si i've followed her for 2months now! We have a great connection.

3.00 Today is the day i tell her how much i love her! I knw its time coz as she turned away, i felt her gaze burn into my soul...and knew she feels the same. I plan to show her how much i feel for her...we got a great future ahead...esp wen she also says those 3words!
Let me prepare.

4.30 Flowers - check! Pink roses, they're her fave. She has them in pots arnd her apartment.
Breath - check!
Suit - check!
I touch her photo tenderly, its my favourite among the rest. It really captured the beauty of her big brown eyes. Soon my dear, soon!
Now to get her when she reaches home...she always leaves work at 5 and arrives at 7.

7.15 i'm at her door. I hide the flowers behind my back. I'm gona surprise her, like they do in the movies!
I knock...the door opens slightly...there she is, the love of my life, radiant as ever.
I flash the flowers...she's gona b so happy!! I wonder what she'll do, hug me? Maybe even a kiss!
Her eyes widen...why aint she smilin? Where's the thankyou? All she says is, "YOU!!" The rest is gibberish...i dont understand...why is she screamin?
I try to calm her down by showing her the photo, and spoon... they will definately prove to her how much i care n mean her no harm...
She recoils away from me and bolts her door, still screaming...why is she being such a bitch?

8.00 I continue knockin at her door...i mean...each relationship goes thru these up n downs, the secret is persistence!

8.30 The police turn up...who called them? Definately the neighbour...nosy bastard! I try to explain what is going on...they wont listen...

10.00 I'm at the police desk being booked in when i see her walk in. Thank God! Now she'll explain to these dumb cops and end the misunderstanding.
I call to her...she passes me without even looking up. I guess she's embarassed for me...ah! Love.

11pm...i get booked in. Bt apparently the cells are full so i have to b transfered to a nearby prison.
This is what is wrong with our justice system. Yaani she is clearing my name, yet due to the bureucracy i cant b releasd immediately. FUCK the system.

7am. Time for the shower. We have to bathe en mass. So many guys here!
As i soap myself...the soap slips from my grip and falls down. A hush falls over the whole bathroom...i look around...everyone is staring at me!
I feel a tap on my shoulder...i turn to look...the big dude behind me points at the soap bar at my feet and says in a not-so-friendly tone, "Go ahead, pick it up!"

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