Saturday, March 20, 2010

Broken Relations

Why is it that losing her affected me so? Maybe its coz she's the only one who took me for who i was. Somebody who believed in me when even i didn't.

Maybe its coz she took me from the edge
Maybe it's coz when i had her in my arms i knew i wasn't meant to be alone, that i had someone with whom we belonged together
Maybe it's because when i lay my head on her lap i knew everything was gonna be ok, my feelings would be protected and reciprocated.
Maybe it is coz when i was with her i knew the best in me would come out and manifest.
Maybe it's because her forgiving and understanding nature gave me hope for trusting in people.
Maybe its coz thinking of her always elicited warmth through out my body.
Maybe its coz when i was about to see her my mouth went dry and my pulse rate changed.
Maybe its coz when i looked into her eyes i saw love, truth and a bright future
Her soft voice gently caressing my ears, telling me its ok, you dont have to hide no more
Me knowing i loved her, but not voicing it
Knowing she loved me but i not wanting to hear it
Fearing the unknown of giving ourselves to each other completely
Commitment to one person, two souls becoming one
What can i do to make it all better?
Stop being stubborn.
Just hold down speed dial 2 and let it ring
Tell her my feelings?

Tell her i need her
Tell her why we drifted apart

Open up to her, have her in my arms once more and never let go...

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