Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Diaries : vol 3 - WTF brain freeze

Blessed r the oh so pure n innocent 4 they shall die Virgins yet fuckd by everybody

5am. Didn't sleep well...coz today I'm gon c ma baby....

6am. Shower...leo I'm not gonna fiddle wit ma diddle cz its gon gt some action n do some diddlin in da pool...gotta build up the anticipation, u know.

8am. Call restaurant n book a table. Coulda requested 4 violinist, bt screw dat, i'm Kenyan. I may worship my queen bt wud b annoying having another dude arnd with his instrument, 3 is a crowd!

9am. Screw dat, i nid things 2move faster, besides home cooked is better n mo impressive. So i just cancelled my bukin.

10.15...i go out 2 get da necessary items. I havent seen her for like a month and leo being our 2yr anniversary since we started datin, i want it 2b memorable. I want yrs down the line, today be the day that is legendary to us and future generations!

12. I bump in2 my best buddy. He asks me if i askd her the qn. Oh, didnt i mention it? Today i when i pop the question!
He asks wot i ave planned 4tonight. I tell him. Shakes his head n says,"no man, nt cool. U givin er a home cookd cz u wana eat, pop then shag? Take her out after dinner, let the night be about her, make her rily happy n jst wen she don think life cud get any better than that, show her the ring!"
Gud advice. That's why he's my best friend.

2pm. Everything is ready. Now all thats left is the surprise finale. This is gon blow her mind, yaani she's told me bout how she always dreamed of it since she was a little girl!
I call in a favor. Its gon cost me bt totally worth it.

3. I call her, ask how she's doin.
Missd me
"yeah, alot. Love you

i really love her too, neva bin wit anyone else even once.

"when u coming back?
I'm not sure
"dyou knw wen today is?
Ummm, your birthday?
"ha ha, very funny. Baby, thea is sth i wana tell u. Wen u gon b arnd?
Nt sure, i'l check then tell u.

Hey gotta throw her off the track!

8. I go to pick her up, we go 2 my place for dinner then the special surprise, then the future written in stone!

9. I let myself in. She gave me a key,dummy!
Soft music in the background. Nt unusual.
My mind gets alert nwy, bt she vowed i'm the only man in her life!
Wait, i'm getn paranoid 4 nothing, its all good.....
Glass n a bottle of wine on the counter, phew! Its jst dat she misses me so n its our anniversary.

9.05 asleep already? Hmmm...mayb a quickie aint outta da question.

I enter the bedroom n turn on the lights n yell," surprise", i can just see her smile n squeal of delight wen she see's me!...
"BAIBE! You're back!"
She is naked, n she isnt alone!
I cant believe it! Cheat...after all we'd been through, all this time, all these years, all the love...1 moment n its all over!

I storm out

10.30pm. Go all out on a drinkin spree............... mind is all fuzzy, whea am i?... How'd i get home? What happened? Its coming 2me in snippets...dinner....surprise....ring.... soft music... bedroom door...lights. FUCK!

11am. Finally get out of bed. I'm depressd. I check my fon.....35missd calls, 10msgs, 6voice mails. What does she want...
First 5msgs "please pick my calls". I don read any further. Dumb chiq.
I check the voice mail....
"Baby, bout last night. I'm soo sorry, i tried to tell you, bt didnt knw ow u'd take it. I was to tell you, really......Baby, i'm GAY!"

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