Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here we go again

I start by statin that th new fb homepage has cured my fb addiction so now its me, my pencil n sketchpad. Thanks fb guys, u dumbasses! I ges nw i'l b usin fb for postin notes, period!

Nw, leo i got alot of stuff i wana get outta my system...sijui wea i'm gon cut down th f words n cussin a bit...
Wot cn i say, feb ws a fuckd up month.
First i had 2cut ties wit a gud friend cz her bf is an insecure mo fo n on my case. Wots mo fuckd up is i get 2c her kila siku yet i gotta lenga her. So i'm gesn th dude got a 3 1/2 inch floppy or has mommy issues, ama he jst itchin 4a fight n bash in this gud lukn face(ahem!)...i jst hope he tries. When will people ever learn? Dont judge by face value, th most fuckd up guys have innocent lukn faces....fuuck! Ow many times do i hv 2do this? I stopd letn people walk over me years ago....ya i hate fightin, bt i do wot i gotta do...i jst let this dark thing in me take over.
Nwy wea ws i? Oh, ya, rantin. So i'm curious wot lv means 2 a chick. Stickin 2 a control freak who wants 2tk over all elements of ua life? Tk u away frm ua frnds, control wot u do, who u cal wot u do on fb, everything! See th only reason i dont interfere is cz i believe people choose their own paths. Or mayb its a crazy combination of self influenced destiny n fate. If u huk up wit sbody who carries all th features of an emasculated serial killer, sawa tu, u jst askin 4it. I might cry at ua funeral, hell i'll cry a river, i will miss u, bt i wont carry it on my concience, cz it was ua choice.
I ges th only reason chicks do this is cz th gud guys r either gay, taken, not interested, dead....or think u th best friend ever! Ama daddy issues(goes both ways) is rily a matter of simple psychology.

None of my hater notes r eva complete bila a mention of either my ex or that other bitch i hate so much. My ex...nah, that ship sailed, i dont hate her anymo or even think of her at she aint pulled no stupid stunt lately.
The other bitch? Once a bitch always a bitch! I ges they were put on this earth 2mek people miserable.
So people thought that it ws sexual tension ama my attitude that made us hv so much friction...nope! I witnessed a guy quit cz o bitch issues. So the bitch likes 2 lure guys in by flashing that fly smile of hers(which meks me wana hurl) then bendin over so u cn hv a glance o dat juicy cleav, soon she had th poor bastard arnd her little finger. Then it ws time 2go in for th kill. It ws painful watching that charade. Later i lmbfao, tho i kinda felt sori i didnt warn him, i ges curiosity got th better of me.
Bt she's gud, if i wantd 2 blackmail politicians i'd hire her actually...
I continue bout bitches in general.
A bitch cnt hv a normal relationship, cz she's u knw...a bitch, n since most of em r hot, guys jst stay wit em as trophies. Thats called the curse of the bitch...i think they mention it swhea in the bible. The greedy bitch called jezebel had naboth killd by her pussy whipd husband cz she wanted his blah blah blah...God don lk bitches also so he had elisha send jehu 2 tk out th stupid bitch. Jehu, of th driving furiously fame, threw her off a big ass tower n dogs had a field day feasting on her remains...ama it ws her guys blood...or both? (ya i knw th whole bible offhead) All dat matters is it involved a bitch n dogs...tho a bitch is also a dog
Did i mention bitches r stingy? I hv witnessed sbody get grilled cz of 2bop!

So how come bitches dont get wiped out by natural selection? Thats cz we men wa made stupid n bitches were made beautiful(most anyway). U c bitches receive the best genes wen it kams to looks, giving them access to the cream wen it kams 2guys. So they get to propagate their evil spawn n ensure survival of th species, while the rest of th human race wonder wea all these bitches came from, n pray 4th second coming of Jehu th son of Nimshi, he who don tk shit frm bitches n throws em off towers...we got skyscrapers now! We'd then get 2c a bitch turn over once in th air, turn over twice then...SPLAT! All over the road!

Now for th clarifications. I'm not a hater...jst a realist, i see things as they r nt as i wnt em 2b. I love girls bt i hate neva confuse who i'm refering to.
I dont talk trash unless i'm pisd or angry... i'm rarely angry...took a dose of sunshine.
Th only reason i'm nt sayin gud things here is dat i got so much 2b thankful for, i don wana taint it wit th bad i got 2say.
The point of this note? I ges i'm nt clear on dat one myself.....mmm... I ges th point is: jelous boyfriends, th new fb homepage n bitches r bad. Sue me, its been mo than a month since i last wrote, plus i've gone mo poetic than hater

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