Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monkey on my back - sequel

Its this monkey on my back
Came back 2haunt me
Why cant i get rid of u?

Its this monkey on my back
Reaching into my mind
Corrupting my mind
That safe i hold so dear

Its this monkey on my back
Suckin at my soul
Leaving me lifeless and empty
A shell of pity and self loathing

Its this monkey on my back
Snatching my smile, killing my laughter
Echoin hollowly, my new fa├žade

This monkey on my back
Eating me, killing me
Degrading my essence, fornicating my sanctity

This monkey
Has me on my knees
Soaked in my filth, blood, sweat n tears
Yet its not enough is it?
Engorging on my pain n anguish
Are u sated? Will u ever be satisfied?

I let u in, u betrayed me, used me
Desecrated my body mind n soul
Defenetrated in my own house
Leaving me nothing!
I will take u out
This monkey on my back!

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