Saturday, March 20, 2010

New chapter - Friendship

Feels like we've been friends since childhood
Always there when i need you, to cover my back
Always there when i need a good laugh
Always there when i need to laugh at myself

Feels like I've known you forever
Always a phone call away
Always backing me up
Always encouraging me
Bringing me from the dust
Bringing hope when hope is hopeless
The crazy ideas, and the flawless execution

Feels like i can look at you forever
That cute smile
The natural curling of your hair,
How it has its own will
The easy laugh
That soft voice as you sing

Feels like i could hold you forever
As we hold hands
A little touch here
The way u run your hands over my back
How time flies when we are together
Hours spent in your arms
How time is never enough

Feels like we've been waiting to cross the friendship line forever
The little lies we tell ourselves,
And each other,
Its wrong, its filial, it will ruin us
How we try to believe the lies
How wrong that kiss proved it to be
How crazy we are,
How perfection was realized

Feels like my eyes have been opened
A kitten opening its eyes
For the first time
Its a big world
Its a dangerous world
Its a beautiful world
But you don't have to face it alone
Because you finally realize
You've never been alone
The one for you has always been there
Standing next to you
Waiting for you
To open your eyes
Then turn to face them
Look into their eyes
And see your future laid out in front of you

A new chapter,
A new beginning
A second chance!

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