Saturday, March 20, 2010

Root of all evil

Money greed power.
Wot is money? Wot bout it converts 20k people in2 statistics, cash cows 2b treated n intimidated at will.
Power, wot is it? Wot bout it transforms a business woman in2 a dictator?
Combined wit money they mk weird bed fellows, combined wit a deranged woman they mk a dangerous reality wea lives may b lost n helpless girls raped.
A woman in power, we're all thinkin it so i might as well say it. Can we rily trust a woman in power?
Currently controllin among th largest parastatal in kenya. Had th chance 2bring changes. But bitch did warrr? Put money in th equation!
So now i gt most people don understand wot th initial purpose of a public uni is. I'l do my best 2 xplain.
Kenya is a 3rd world country n as such most peeps cnt afford university education.
Thats wea th public unis come in.
Each yr 500k people compete 2gt positions in d unis. Only 10k mk it. Bt th perks r dat u gt a govt loan n pay fees @subsidised rates meaning u pay 10k per sem. 4some of us dat is a lifeline! Without it we'd jst b high skul finalists. We here cz we deserve 2b here, we earned it fair n square n we gt d brainpower n mental capacity.
4 ssp's its th same situation, bt unfortunately all d subsidised positions r gone so they r forced 2pay full. I get u guys n i admire ua will 2learn. I get it ua paroz struggle 2pay th hefty fees n i wil neva assume u.
Nwy problem is wen peeps tk advantage n use it 2 commercialize education. 2mk it worse raisin fees n tryin 2force people in2 submission. Wen u r fucking somebody frm th rear, th best u cud do is gv em freedom!
Wen u tk away dat element u mk people cornered, wen cornered people bcome dangerous!
So put in money, power n a greedy bitch 2getha, then put her in2 a stand off wit d cornered students. The result is wot u c in th news. Distorted as th info they gv may b.
I'm sori 4all th injured n traumatised friends n friends of friends. But i ges it ws 4 a worthy cause n i hope peace will prevail...n th bitch gets d boot...n goes 2hell wea she'll b raped 4all eternity. Seriously ow cn a woman advocate or lead 2d rape of fellow women/girls? Its a sad state, money greed power!

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