Saturday, March 20, 2010


~i can write in my sleep, its lk i'm countin sheep...far beyond ua kindergarten bed-wetter compositions~

Leo ws an interestin day. To begin wit i didnt go 2 jobbo cz i wanted 2work on my project, i do it 5min then i get myself laughn my ass off at southpark...
Later we played ball wit sam o my buddies. Th only reason we didnt do chobo-ua ws cz th kusa pussies had raised peeps tension, meaning if u wa chobod n wa chased ud probably b mistaken 4a thief then get beat n spread over th railway.
Halfway thru th game i remember i had laundry in a bucket. So i'm torn b2in ball, laundry n swimo. Th clad won cz i had left em soakin 4like 4days n they wa startin 2 ferment. 2cut a long stori short, i've discovered anaa way of makin alcohol usin cotton n soap, plus if u c me wearin a red tie n die tsho, thats my white tshirt...don ask!
Nwy i finishd n went back 2th game, wit gunshots in th background. Watado? N they aint allowed in2 th campo.
Had 2cancel swimo plans cz i didnt want no gsu chasin me wit my bare essentials, wot if i trip...then they decide 2 experiment, n get creative...zii.
Things get hectic so as the rest scamper lk scared little goats, i go check on my newly red blue combat tie n dye tshirts n jeans...n the still drippin. Fuck! I thought th sun had bleachin properties...i want my primo money back...they lied!
Nwy they issue this circular tellin us 2 git th fuck out...which is th real reason ku is i join th rest of th sheep. I anua my wet clad, ata don even ask wea i put my printer, kickd th speakers, wiring n plugs under th table n chuckd.

So i join th rest of th brainwashd kusa sheep on th railway 2 look for familiar faces. I find my lovely homegirls bt i'm kinda lukn 4sbody else.
I find em n we join th sheep queue o'er th railway. So i got two bags which is totally unfair considerin dat all i nid wud fit nicely in th laptop bag alone. Th xtra bag got my wet clad, which sux cz its heavy n its water i cnt drink or swim in...i blame it all on th kusa fuckers. To top it all i'm gon miss swimmin indefinately, n no comedy nite! Whyy!!!
So we walkin th railway a crowd arnd us, me n my2 buddies, a guy n chick. I remember dat i forgot 2 visit th loo n i got a bit of pressure. So i mek a half arse attempt at what i think will b a careless whisper(silent but deadly), but i think th pressure ws actually more than i'd assumed. So i got a loud blow out...i blame th earphones...n everyone crax up esp th girls behind me. I give em my most innocent luk(which is rily rily innocent) n askd em, 'nani huyo?'. 2 cut th long story short i saved my cv...tho now i'm spoilin it on fb by telling dat storo.
Now i'm at home n missing all my friends...watu, mnajua niaje?

So now onto th kusa pussies. Btw one of my classmates ws th kusa chairman, i neva hid my views bout kusa being a toothless dog n him being one of em. They jst lk th rest o th politicians, greedy punks jst livin on th perks of being elected leaders. U r jst assholes n i'm jst waitin 4th day people have had enaf n go french revolution all over ua punk asses! Jacques....
Yaani ua leadership iko down hadi u had 2use fake circulars 2get guys 2 clear frm skul.
Nwy heres th real difference b2in an experienced student rioter n an amateur:
when burning cars amateurs wanachoma nganya vilivyo. The pros usually drag th car in2 skul grounds, strip it of th headlights, stereo, battery, tyres n other detachable items then burn. In essence only th shell n seats r burnt!
Anaa thing, when rioting th amateurs air their greviances to the camera...kaa ana keki ya kuiba kwa mkono n th crumbs in the mouth. B4 u show ua stupid mug on tv, remember ua mama is watching wot u learnt in campo(uon mwaskia?). Pros cover their faces n keep camera men @bay...jst want th university senate 2knw dat we're pisd, nt th whole world...dats a bonus.
Also if u r fat, or obese stay away frm riots. First of all u cnt run that fast, u gon get ua ass beat by th gsu. Secondly u r takin up space that wud have fit 2or more rioters...shit!
Almost forgot, when hurling them rocks, mek sure u got th weight n angle of trajectile right. Too heavy n a vertical trajectile aint a nice combination for u. Ya u may tell us twas a teargas canister, bt we saw wot u did, dumbass!
That my friends is called rioters etiquette.
So this note came less than 48hrs after the other...i'm bored n when bored i blame it on kusa, waambie waache stress

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