Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garbage in, garbage out

Its amazing how sbody can control ua life weeks, months, even yrs after u called it quits. Whats even more messed up is that they r of no consequence n rily don mean jack 2 u anymore. Its worse when a simple fling that rily wsnt sposd 2mean anything influences all future possibilities of gettin in2 a decent rlship.
I'v tried 2 absolve myself of any of th shit that went down bt i ges i'm doin poorly at convincing myself. Ignored warnings by stubborness is one of my curses. Plus sh ws hot(at th time, nw sh's jst beatdown n desperate).
Ok, here's th deal, its ok 2play mind games. Hell, i do it all th time. Askin for favors is also ok, i'l do whatever is within my capability 2fulfil. Tryn 2mk me feel jelous, also ok bt within certain boundaries. Manipulation, if u cn manage it on me, wud actually awe me.
Here's th no no...never ever ever everr lie 2 a guy dat u r pregnant, 2mk him commit or "bond" wit u. First its tacky, n its stupid, naïve, retarded n other colorful words censored. U c 4some of us we tk th news calmly n coz our religion forbids abortion, in our minds we r lukn 4other amiable solutions dat will b of benefit 2u me n th new one.
When u reveal u wa actually lyin 2test me n c ow i'd react th following happens:
I dont gv a shit dat i passed
It's over!
I hate n loathe u
I hope 4ua sake thea aint no photos of u in my camera
All instances of ua name in my head get replaced wit "bitch" or any of a random array of names denoting one who is paid for coitus.
Btw almost all guys react th same way to that. It affects all future rlshps cz its usually hard keepin frm brandin all chix in one pot. Only redeeming factor wud b past rlshps ended well or havin knwn u 4a considerable time. Anyhoo, been almost a yr nw...n hate has turnd 2pity 4a poor bitch who stoopd rily low. Mayb now i'l b able 2move on nt fearing sbody will try 2pull a stupid stunt of similar gravity....closure at last!
Contrary 2popular belief, i dnt hv her nude fotos n i dont tk nude fotos of anybody includin me. I knw ow digital devices work n how recovery of deleted data is done. Siwezi risk!
Nwy th fotos i found in th mem card...gone! N even if i had them i wouldnt knw ow 2distribute cz people wud knw th source. Plus websites hv a feature called Who's Who which identifies th registered domain owner, incase u wana sue sbody....unless ua server is located in sweden! Bet ya'al didnt knw that!
Bottom line, i'm nt affiliated to Caroline njoki in any way. I first saw dat profile juzi via a frnd. Simjui n i aint gon answer dat qn again, k? Ya'al knw me better than that! Case closed.
I knw some people get all jittery, holier than thou or uncomfy wen porn is b4 u write off porn, check out Shai Clothing ads th girl-on-girl sequence. Mind blowing!
B4 u judge me, i only watch cz of th storyline...nothing else...*ahem!*

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