Saturday, March 20, 2010


Ges this note is kinda a landmark cz its th first i'm nt typin on my 5200...gona mis it..*sob sob!*...
I dunno if i got any words left in me. Ya i havent given myself th time to mope n brood...just stuck on that precipice nt knowing if i can keep myself frm going down.
How dyu handle hurt inflicted by th one person who had th ability to? Ignore them? Guilt em? Hate em? Tell em 2go fuck themselves? Screw up their lives?
I ges i'm beyond tantrums. Maybe its realizing more self control. Maybe its coz i realized i'm too young 2 go thru some shit n let it destroy me. Its a big world, its got an immense number oysters just waitin 2b pryed open, neva knowin wen u r gonna hit th mother pearl which is gonna make it all make sense. Th centerpiece that makes all th other pearls blush with its size, beauty n pricelessness.
At this point, debating whether 2continue wit th metaphors....
Anyhoo... Sometimes we get ourselves into th mud n dirt just 2ride th momentum. It doesnt matter whether u went in for fun or out of curiosity. After all th tussle it don mean jack why u went in. Just dont expect 2come out wit clean cuffs. Sometimes in life as is u gotta shake th hand that feeds u!
Mayb after all this, it will b possible 2shrug off all th dust n go back 2what it was...alot can happen wen we defy logic n break boundaries...

this note is way shorter(n nt that interestin) cz i'm a person under i havent swam in weeks! My aphrodisiac!
~N thus ends th first task i'v given this sweet 5310...nt bad eh?~

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