Monday, May 10, 2010


A new day approached. He stirred from deep slumber, called out by the cold, damp morning breeze, raising goosebumps as it crept over his skin. He huddled th covers closer n gazed outside.
It was still dark. The wind howled over the roof. A million voices in castigation n protest over his choices. As if he didnt condemn himself enough...
The landscape was still enveloped in a silky haze, a blend of dew and the fading moonlight. She shivered as she watched th horizon struggle to light up. A new day was about to be born out of the darkness n she was a witness. Replayed like clockwork, yet never losing its majesty and awe inspiring beauty.
Still, it reminded her of that evening, so long ago, when he'd walked out into the setting sun never to come again. Was he happy? Had he moved on? Did he think of her?
She'd stopped mourning for him, but she never forgot him...or lose her love for him. But it didnt really matter, even one sided love is still love...
The first rays found their way out, blessing sky and earth alike with gold. She gasped in wonder as she communed with mother nature...the ultimate form of love! She closed her eyes as the warmth enveloped her...she didnt feel alone... As if in confirmation, a faint shadow flickered in the horizon...
He sat up and continued to look out at the changing landscape. In th face of his guilt, all the beauty eluded him. He had wanted to go back to her so many times, but each day took him further away. He knew now it wasnt her choice. Nobody knows for sure what they want. It all comes down to what you feel. He smiled at the irony. He had it all, or at least almost... Funny, all this time he hadnt thought of it that way.
The wind slowed down, the only noise left was that of the crickets doing their final encore. Interesting coincidence.
He stood up, rubbing the last bit of numbness from his body... He'd decided; he knew rejection was a possibility, n forgiveness a previledge or rather a chance in hell. But nothing good ever comes without taking chances. He was going back home...

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