Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monkey on my back


Its this monkey on my back
Weighing me down, crushing me
Turning my legs to mush, nt used to this
Excess weight, extra luggage

Why am i miserable, you ask
Its this monkey on my back
Bringing me to my knees
Stickin steely knives
Into my already wounded heart

I scream, I howl
At a concrete moon
Icy stares n cold smiles
Live with it, take it off
A pet of sorts
Its hairy skin tickling the back of my neck
Sending a shiver all over my body

Its this monkey on my back
That made me care
It gave me hope
Nay, it tore me open
For its friend the green eyed abomination
To eat my flesh

I tamed the demon
The monkey was angry
It pushed the knife further
To the point of no return

This monkey on my back
Chained itself to the knife
The monkey goes
The heart goes

All i can do is hope,
For the heart to heal
And scur strongly against the knife
And when i finally yank the knife free
I'm gona kill it, tear it to shreds!
This monkey on my back

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