Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Diaries: Vol 1 - 24 hour girl

Let the mind fly....

So i've been made a chic for 24hrs. This is my diary:

7am. Woke up. Looked into the mirror. Gosh! I got a radiant morning face. Luv the way my hair falls over my boobs. Sexy! Nice!

8am. Showered. Stood infront of mirror...nekkid! Oh man, i'm gettin turned on looking at myself. Sweeet! Hmmm...wonder how long i got left with this bod. Was told 24 when did they start countin them? When i woke up or....

9am.. I should stop staring at myself. Wait...haven't combed my hair. I'll do it now, coz its still wet.

10 am. Good! Hair is all neat. Now to return the hairbrush...wait... what if i comb down there. Never had one before... mmmh...that feels good!...what if i hold the hairbrush by the head...whoah!... that is how it feels? Nice!...i'll put it all in...mmhmph!

12pm. Shit, i've wasted precious time. Maybe i got less than 12more hours before i go back being a dude. I'll just dress quickly and, out to see the world.
Now what to wear. This jeans will do nicely. Panties? I'm a rebel... i don't think so...go commando style!... Eih... kwani how do you wear a bra? All these little hooks... how to fit them... screw it...i'm perky anyway! This low cut is nice though. Very comfy

1pm. Where do i begin? Does Taco's have life at this time? I'll check. Maybe i'll score free that's how it goes?

2pm. That konda totally let me ride for free! Nice! Perks of being a chic...

3pm. At last! Aih? This place dont have life. Wont even bother with Seasons.

7pm. Guys are checking me out. Freaks! Wait, i'm a chic! Almost forgot there!

8pm. Ibiza got life. Lemme shake my bootae. This girl on the floor got moves. Let me join her. This is fun.
I always wondered why girls prefered to dance with each other. One is actually a guy who's been given 24hours in a girl's body!
Gotta remember that later, when i'm back to being a guy

10pm. A nipple popped out as i was bendin over. My cheeks are hot(all four of them).
This guy is offerin to buy me a drink. Ok. I take it. Can't take his eyes off my bossom. Fuck, its so freakin weird. Perv!

12am. Gotta go home before i morph back. I want one last go at the hairbrush.
Day's epiphany: if i was i girl permanently i'd still like girls. Hmmm. Food for thought!
I always asked girls what it felt like to have breasts and other girl parts. They say it isn't that big of a deal!
Tell that to the guy who had em for 24hours! Musta died, gone to heaven...where i got shot and really got to the ultimate heaven!

7am. Alarm clock. I wake up. Touch my chest...nothing. I look down...helloo...a tent! Give it a small pat...
Good to be back.
Home sweet home

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