Saturday, March 20, 2010

The 3 Ghosts of Easter

So now i knw wot scrooge felt havin been visited by th 3xmas ghosts.
I spent most of my pre easter mekn fun of Jesus, with th stories of drinkin his blood n getn high alafu askin for "mo blood!"
Didnt stop thea nope, had 2do a "take this egg n this in memory of me" last supper joke. Problem ws i rily pushd it wit th king james n "Jihad for dummies" remix book, which talkd of Judas n th seven virgins...
I ges i kinda pisd off sbody cz i got visited, nah nt scrooge style but in a dream...wooooo! Dream kinda starts ok wit me n her. Lots of booze, free buffet wit lots of chicken. Ges i should noticd sth wasnt rite wen i got servd a small piece of meat suspended in water, ati soup! I'm assuming its an imagery of some sort, or suppresd memory.
Th real kick in th as shud a bin wen somehow i go frm club 2 class in a seamless transition dat ws 'normal'. But all my frnds were thea n thea ws gud ol girl on girl action, cz somehow thea ws a bed in class! N all 3of em wea all out getn down!
Lk all dreams go, instead of getn a seat, popcorn, n hopes f getn in on th action, i start mekn my way 2th back f th class n sit. Only 2luk out th window n i'm on a bus! The guy seated nxt 2me is this dude we usd 2 terrorise bak in seco! N he luks lk he's out 2 revenge. I say hi, th bus stops nikashuka.
So i'm lukn 4a jav 2get home. Theas dat 6oclock mass of people bt i get an almost empty one.
Here's where it gets if th rest was normal!.....i'm on this really cool black motorbike wit 8inch wide tyres...ok it ws batman's motorbike! N i'm goin 2th bat cave. So i'm gesn i am batman. Trouble comes wen theas a police rd block alafu they allow me i run out f petrol.
Shit is i'm in a forest now nt th deep dark amazon one, jst normal kenyan damaged goods wit decent amount of light. So i c a couple of guys runnin in2 d bush carryin tvs microwaves n shit. I don go thea cz i knw they b muggers. I tk th other path n follow some guys. By now my bike is a saloon n i don knw whose it is.
A lion appears infront of me. I wana stay still bt i jump on a tree n start climbing, only i dont knw how. Miraculously it passes by n th cops manning th rd block chase it comrade style, wit stones. I join em cz they luk done 4th day. As we r walkin down th rd they turn in2 seco kids comin frm skul. So i turn to a dirt path i knw will tk me home or 2th batcave...still in th forest. I did some dumb things which i'm nt bout 2describe. Then i see a town frm th distance, alafu sth bad hapnd, i dunno wot bt it woke me up sweating!

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