Saturday, March 20, 2010

eX marks the spot

What do i talk bout leo? except for the part dat i'm bored 2death...n feel lk blowin my brains all over the floor! When th fuck is that bitch gon recall we finish off wit th damned 8-freakin 4 4 system?

So i hate on sbody? nah the bitches i usually hate on hv tuliad hadi i'm wondering whats up? I finally made peace wit th biyatch we workd wit...worked out a nice compromise...i dont see her stupid mug for four wks n we get along nicely. Thanks 2her i aint vulnerable 2 hot chicks...2 yrs ago she'd ave md me sing! walala! Now even if sh did sth lk flashing dat suweet smile of hers n flashed me her boobs, the worst dat wud happen wud b mo friction 4my right hand!

Anyhoo, wit all this time n insomnia, i got th time to wonder bout serious things n philosophize a bit. Rait now i'm working on a theory that might change the way we think, sth that will mek Aristotle look lk a pussy. Its still in the early stages, so early i'm also tryin 2think wot it is. Problem is speed metal never really gives anyone thinking space. Th music is awesome n shit bt it rily takes a while 2 hear th words!

Wow! Misd ex! Nah nt th ex i hate sooo much. I hear that one alichapa mbaya, n reverted 2 her true shagmondo self! Which means she aint got enaf credo 2bother me. Yeeeah! A toast to karma! I knw i don believe in u bt stimes...jst stimes i see traces of ua bitchy self!
Wea ws i? Oh yeah, my swt ex....still claims 2lv me even after bein apart 4 lyk 2yrs...seriously, wot do ya'al c in me. I'm lk th most normal person on this earth, n its nt lk i got a halo arnd my head n some stubby wings stickin out my back. In fact i cn swear that durin one of th rare moments i stare @ th mirror i saw a glimpse of 2small horns on my forehead! Bt i ges twas nathn.
Damnit, got derailed again! Anyway, i ges i owe her alot considerin...blah blah blah. But she's special n i'd huk her 2one of my buddies if i didnt knw d fact dat she'd chew em n spit em lk yesterdays trash.I'm also sure she'd kill me if sh got wind of some of the skeletons in my closet. I jst wish thea ws a way of burning down th closet bila takin down the whole house. Mayb sth lk industrial acid n a big bathtub!
Anyway we usually plan lunch dates, which i neva honor, cz i knw its jus gon lead 2 bad news. By now i can count about 10 times i've stood her up startin wit new years, which is fucked up...n really, i reach into that little boy i knw still lives within th bottom of my heart looking for that sense of he tell me my guilt conscience quota hasnt been refilled yet. Talk of services made in kenya!
So now comes the big question! Accept n add her 2my friends list or not! Lemme ask that little boy again.....
Seriously, that kid got no kind of useful advice, ges i shud kick dat scrawny butt outta here...mayb he'd b mo useful helpin some stupid slumdog millionaire. Who will then get killed reaally early in the movie...muwahaha! Probably jumps into a pool of shit in the latrine n drowns! Muwahaha!

Anyway our history is we met wen i ws fresh out of seco wit all my innocence intact. The music ws playin slowly in the background then i saw her across the room. For a second my heart stopped. Then she turned...and our eyes locked for a brief instant. The music faded into the background...everyone faded into the background n it was just me n her....I walked over to her n took her hand...she breathed slowly, her cheeks flushed, all four of them! And then......

So that ws a paragraph dedicated to total bullshit! True story is thea ws a hot chick, a rich boyfie, two guys out for no good n 1 bet valid for 2wks. So its actually a tale of boys spot incredibly hot girl wit loaded bf. boy1 tells boy2 huwesmek. boy2 tks on challenge in form of bet. 2wks later incredibly hot girl likes boy2. 4mnths later sh lvs him. boy2 still receivin threatening fon calls frm bf, nw refered2 as x! So thats basically th gist of the story. So 4th einsteins who figure out the skeletons, this note wont b availlable for reference cz it wil b deleted as soon as girl joins frnd list of now-reformed-boy2.

Did i mention leo is a two for one special? Ya wit the first note u read thea ws a second one absolutely free....feel free to rot ua mind wit my crap! Now am sleepy....gnite world...its that ungodly hour again wea my notes kam to life!

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