Saturday, March 20, 2010

Squeeze my luv, squeeze

Mmmm baby, that feels so gud
Wot u doin 2me?

Ya girl, i knw
Things rotate a bit mo differently on our planet
U love me?
Ok then, stick that pointy thingy up my heart

Accupuncture they say is gud
It releases energy knots in my chakra
Ya baby, an extra needle
For each day i dont see you

Feel my heart?
Of course u feel it...
U got it in ua hands!
Give it a little squeeze
Feel the power in that throb?
All u baby, all u

What is that nail doin in ua other hand?
I ges u knw better, what's gud
For th both of us

Now, stick it in
U knw u want 2
Perhaps bigger is better after all
Push it in, all the way in
We do it again trrow

A nail for each day
Without u in my arms
I cant complain baby,
U knw whats best

Oh damnit!
U got blood on uaself,
Wanna clean up that filthy mess on u?

Here, shower with this
A bucket of my tears
I secretly collect it for you each night
A sign dear,
Of how much i adore you
Nt wantin 2c my filthy blood
Staining ua beautiful hands

Baby i ws thinkin
When th nails n needles can gather no more
Give it a last squeeze for all time's sake
Feel th power, one last time

Then smash it against this wall between us
Thats how we do things in our world

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