Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Diaries: Vol 4 - Takin Out The Cobwebs

3months later!
At last, somebody fixed the light at the end of the tunnel!

5am. Damn, i don wana wake up! I'm expected to make a big decision today....mmm lemme delay it a bit longer...a few more precious minutes...

8.30am. Holy sh*£! I overslept! Oh Gawd, wot will my dad say? Most likely call me lazy, its enough he's forcin me 2 make this decision. Gotta get ready

9am. I meet my uncle coming out of my dads house. He seems kinda mad, he see's me n comes towards me. "Big man you are!"he tells me, "cant even stand up for yourself in sth lk this. Freakin loser! U disgust me." and off he stomped off leavin me feelin embarrased. I saw the workers who overheard turn away quickly n whisper among themselves. No doubt bitchin bout me. But i've gotten used to it.

9.30. My dad looks at me n asks whether i'm ready. "i'm so proud. This is gonna be a big day for our family, my boy. U knw all the details n everythings moved nicely. So, i'm gonna give u the details and i want you to have a couple hours with each of them and i want an answer in the evening. Remember, this is not only a big decision for our family, but for our company."

11am. I'm nervous. Its my date wit the first girl. So, my dad picked out three girls for me to choose the one i'm gona get hitched to.
Everyone thinks i'm yellow, that i never stood up to my dad or anyone for that matter.
Screw em, wen the old man croaks, i'ma be rich! Cnt mess up now.

11.18. Hmm, not bad! She's hot, kinda. A banker. Looks nervous also.
So my dad met her a couple months ago. She impressed him. So he loaned her 250k to invest. She played the stockmarket n ws lucky, turned it to 400k! Made father really happy.

1pm. She ws kinda fun. She kept on giggling n slipd her foot up my leg, under the table 2my.... I like a girl with guts n ambition!
We hung out for bout an hour or so... She gave me a naughty look n gave me a quick peck wen we parted.
Made a quick dash for th bathroom. They always tell l'il boys nt 2play wit their peepees. But wen big boys play wit bad girls n get left half way...gloves off!

2pm. Girl no 2. Real estate. U knw the drill, my dad gave her 250k, she did the real estate n brought crazy money! She was really nice, n intelligent to boot. A girl sbody cud love.
At the end, wen i hugged her, i cupped her butt, receivin a slap n naughty boy statement! Damn! Wonder if no3 is gona put out.

4pm. Time's runnin low. Girl 3... A diff story. Gave most of the cash to charity. My dad just brought her as a control for pushin my decision. Mayb thats y uncle ws so pissed off. She ws funny, but girl2 had more umph n potential.

5pm. Back home, i'm goin thru their photos. Impressive, amazin wot clothing hides. Better stash these in the bathroom. Wud rily improve my bathtime...he he he. My dad summons me. I'm nervous. I've made my decision. It was kind easy really.

7pm. Supper is a solemn affair, my uncle is also present. I look at my dad, soo serious. Cant wait for him 2croak. The thought amuses me, i'm bout to laugh. I squeeze my balls, d pain keeps me frm laughin. My dad gives me a lecture, how its important for d company, blah blah blah, how i'm heir n its important for me to blah blah blah.
Goes on for wot seems lk 4ever.

11.08pm. I gotta pick one of d girls. This decision is important.
"Girl 3!" i say.
My dad turns 2me, mouth open, cut off mid speech. I can see them little veins stickin out of his forehead, pulsatin. Stupid bastard, pushed me for far too long! Its my time, heir or not!
My uncle talks to my dad briefly. Cnt get wot they're sayin.
Father turns back 2 me. He's smiling....huh? "i've just realised,"he says,"that u have never stood up to me before.
"All these years, finally! Its good u've followed your convictions, and your heart.
"This is what is needed to keep the company alive. A will n a heart."
"So what bout her made u love her so much that made u pick her? That she's funny? Her heart of gold? Her willingness to held others? Tell me son"

The words came out before i could stop myself,
" Her big BOOBS!"
My father n uncle reeled, veins pulsatin! Gulp!

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