Saturday, March 20, 2010

My 2Cents : 21 qns

So i ws here thinkin...kitambo i usd 2 hear guys euphemising goin 2 take a long call by sayin they've gone 2 send mail yaani kutuma barua posta. In these days of technology do we call it kutuma barua pepe?

Y does nimrod taabu have such a kizungu sounding name n the way he's a swa msanii?

Later leo i heard two guys in th urinal talking. Instead of sayin peein he talkd of washing th i startd wonderin is wankin then called discharging th gun?

2 tk down a guy, the most fundamental way is by a kick or sharp blow to the nuts(xcept for eunuchs, who shoot blanks, n don have th balls 2gt hit). What is the easiest way 2 tk down a chick? N i'm nt talkin of th girly girls we all lv, i'm talkin bout th mean butch of a chick lk congestina, who can tk down a dude bila using th nutcracker avenue. Jst a blow 2 th face will do, wit th obvious reduction in dental formula?
Maddox suggests a blow to the ovaries. Me, i jst protect th essentials n head for th hills, wonderin ow i pisd her off in th first place...

This qn is gon tick off some people. If u knw u r one of em...usisome. 2b forewarned is forewarned. How many people have learned english better cz they were forced by circumstance to adapt to fb? All ya'al laughd @me cz i wsnt gud in swahili sanifu, n dat i prefered sheng n kilami to th swaleh stuff... Dont u wish u cud control mix n flow grammar lk me?

We've all read th 1001 nights, but have u ever realized u jst had access 2lk 20storos? Th book clearly states scherezade told a story each night for 1001nights, hence the name. I stumbled upon th real thing, a big ass volumed book with th thickness of the oxford dictionary bt twice the width n height, fully illustrated. Apart frm th alladin n ali baba stories we're used to, ges what else! Porn! 981tales of porn wit genies maidens n the works. My qn is when is our society gon b liberal enaf to publish that book? I jst had 2 'borrow' th book frm th library bila usin th traceable lib cards, but some dipshit helped himself to it by accidentally breakin in2 my bag anonymously, n th book stuck to his hand forcing him to take it as he looked for a way of detatching it. I'm sure he meant to return it bt couldnt find my bag. Bt you cm get th ebook here via the thepiratebay. I put in a hyperlink jst lk that. Walala, ebu bow to my awesomeness!

Do i talk bout girls here? Aren't they a bit mo complicated than we'd all care to admit?

Is this the end of the note? Isnt it a bit of an anticlimax?
And why is the author pointing at those who agree with the last qn, then pointin at his rear end then pouting his lips n smacking them?

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