Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What is it about you?

You waltzed into my life and i lost my breath,
i looked into your soul, as you looked into mine,
storms were calmed, deep currents were formed,
what is it about you, that captured me so,

days turned to weeks, and weeks into months,
still we dance in the rain, with each other for warmth,
as we sway to the rhythm, of lust n love entwined,
to the music we call life, i press pause n wonder,
what is it about you, that makes life so magical

lovers come for one try, and leave with blood on their hands,
with the heart broke, and a raptured soul,
i turn to you with a tear stained face, and ask why its always me,
without a word you hold me close, my wounds scab n flake,
and i live to love again, coz that is the thing about you,
you hold my heart

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