Thursday, July 22, 2010


Tossing n turning there's no sleep
For upon the night it will weep
A wounded heart still raw
Knowing all that it saw
All the love that it will hoard

Praying against all hope
That she with the voice like the sea
Will just once turn and see
The one who hurts behind the smile
And tries to fake it if only for a while

Behind the eyes so bright
Lies a boy lost in the wild
Yearning for that smile of sunshine
With breath like the breeze at dusk

For as it said in th scriptures of the old
'Gaze all thee and behold'
'The work of my hands I bestow'
'Perfection in all that you know!'
And the soul that had been whole
With she of the heart of gold

Now he roams alone in the plain
In puddles and cold from the rain
The blurry shadows of his past
Each step like his last
For he can't trust again
Knowing that only with her in the bargain
will his mind be free of the void
And again two souls will be as one

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