Friday, December 18, 2009

The grandfather paradox

Yep, another week gone n damn this one was hard. So kesho i watch my friends graduate which is awesome, tho i am a bit jealous cz i wana get over wit th education system so bad....
Anyhoo back 2my topic, th wk has had so many emotive push n tugs i'm actually looking forward 2th binge-ing frm kesho cz sina exams! But i was actually able to escape into my happy place, Lord knows i'v failed to get thea so many times. My happy place is a corner in my head wea i'm alone n focus on all my happy thoughts, no jobbo problems, no friendship issues or relationship turbulence. Its my little island of me n just me. Its a meditation thing tho i do it bila the influence of any substance wea i focus on my chi. Dats wea my most important decisions are made, wea i psycho-analyze th players n bare their intentions. Sadly it always ends up disappointing me cz i realize th inherent weaknesses n unreliability of human beings, which sucks.
Oops, got carried away. Nway i was thinkin of th dynamics of love n relationships n th paradoxial phenomenon of soulmates. Do they exist? N if they do, is the random collision of a matching pair an exception to the rule? Do soulmates argue, make each other really happy n i retrospect make each other miserable.
Wen the soulmate draw is being done, are they dropped in the same timeline? Or maybe one is put in th 18th century n th other in th 25th? Do they ultimately meet or they gotta chill for nirvanah wea all forms of misery n sadness is extinguished. Then again dont we need misery to know what happy is, otherwise you'd never know you are happy, right?
What are the chances of being with ua soulmate n at th same time u cnt be with them cz time n circumstance dont allow, only the feeling that you would be good together but you cant. N who made th rule that the only way that you can be wit them is thru a relationship? Aint it being a bit narrow minded, huh?
Life has so many avenues of drawing happiness, so why let th laws of capitalism n religion define our lives? Life is short, life is unpredictable without any guarantee on length n quality except what we make of it. Th dynamics of life are set in such a way that a stunt plane pilot hurtling down to earth at 3G speeds has an equal chance of dying as another person enclosed in a health bubble, but their quality of life is different... Do soulmates have to have the same taste n goals?
So i guess u can safely compare the logic of soulmates to the grandfather paradox. Allow me to expound...
The grandfather paradox is an argument presented in quantum physics...wea black holes, worm holes n time travel are involved n is all tied back to the theory of relativity.
So it begins... In the event of a time machine being created an you are able to go back in time with a gun or whichever weapon, to the period before your parents were born. While there, you kill your grandfather. That would then mean that one of your parents never existed coz ua grandfather never lived to have them, and as a result you were never born so u never used a time machine to go back and kill your grandfather, hence he lived long enough to have ua parent n you were born, therefore you were able to use th time machine to go back with a weapon...yada yada yada.... Dont u just love n admire th genius of th human mind? Nway same situation applies to the soulmate discussion. I'd go into th intrigues n details of time travel but thats another day, another note.
Bottom line is, soulmate or not, relationship or not, u get sbdy that makes u extremely happy n extremely miserable...keep em around, cz a full life is basically about that....the extremes!

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