Friday, December 4, 2009

Text trails

So now i'v switched to using my blog to create notes. Losin my best work to fb totally suckd.
Nwy was goin thru my texts n realized, i got some texts goin back over 3years! n i'm sure if i hit restore several times on th nokia pc suite, i'ma see wonders. Thousands of txts, so to go thru em obviously needs a comp, but it provides for interestin food for thought esp wen bored, nt depressed. Nwy, an early disclaimer, txts frm dudes neva hit th 24hr mark... N i'm ommiting th names of girls.
Th earliest texts frm my first girl wen i was 18 n lied my age cz sh ws older by a couple of years n i had to 'hit that'. So sweet n loving, maybe i was innocent in dat area then, until sh said th three words n we drifted. I wsnt ready to commit then. This period overlaps wit what i lk 2refer as th gray area wea me n my best pal got into a trade dat nt many straight guys venture into n for th same reason got out. Crazy months thea n th girls...walala! didnt ave a fon then but had a sim card frm which i got th txts.
But th sad thing i realize was thea was neva any drama n most of th texts went unreplied. Funny thing they confirm is d rlshps ended quite amiably bila fights or any of that bitter shit cz back then, i rily neva gave a fuck, it was just sex n gudbye...ya we still friends n some still hope i'd change n be serious wit em, but i always loved bygones. I ges dats y i wen for such a long time bila knowing what a heartbreak was n karma was my bitch!
Bt its th txts rangin d last year n a half dat r interestin. I got a stalker...dats wen i bought my first p.c. 'dyu hv a computer, i got an assignment due mon.' i ges i was too distracted playin san andreas to do th math n realize coming all th way frm usiu to k.u to do typin didnt rily mk sense, but i had a laptop i was fixin for a frnd n word was functional, so i figured what th hell let her do her work.
Sh came, i let her work frm th bed n i set th volume to full, i lv wctr(its a radio station in san andreas wea th presenters esp maurice r crazy, n Sage on Dust is wicked too). Played for hours n was jst bout to unlock las venturas when my pc went PUFF in smoke, literally. Th power supply gone.
Everyone knows ow easily i get bored so i turn my attention to th girl, who my roommate is tryin 2chat up, tryna figure a way 2get th laptop away frm her n put some music on. I peek at what sh's been doin n did a double take 2confirm, six hours n all sh got is one page...warr?
Sh was shallow n dumbwise, d other reason i wntd th music, i'v neva rily liked shallow people, bad thoughts flow wen they gv me attention no matter how pretty...i want 2lk strike a match n watch them go 'wow! Fire in a box!'
Nyhoo sh goes lk 'i got a kink in my back cz of all th typin' n shit. I'm curious as to how this will go, cz sh wants a massage. In th end it stank, i had to tk a shower 4lk 2hrs cz i felt filthy, did unholy shit to get her out. Nxt morning a knock on th door n voila! Everyone who was thea knows i just walkd out. U treat a chick lk crap n sh comes back cz a dumb friend told her dat wen guys do this they actually lk u, bitch if i liked u, i'd treat u lk a queen cz its a blue moon kinda thing 4me.
I was haunted by txts n calls for months, i tried to tell her i had a (fake)chic, nathn, i was gay, nathn, i'm gona hunt u, chop ua body into little pieces n mail em 2ua parents, RESULT!
Dat was th excitin thing last year, apart frm my ex. It ws gud at first cz sh was hot n we didnt talk much n when we did i numbed my brain a bit by crushin a testicle wit my elbow, funny thing...we didnt exchange txts wit her.
Some more txts here wit th rebound girls n other interestin almosts...notes on it later.
This year's events, almost hukn up wit sbdy i had a crush on since i was 18, then being mercilessly crushed last minute. D txt trails a painful footprint. But i'm glad dat hapnd cz it led me to th awesomest girls ever, n neva even got a chance to mope. Th problem wit pushin sbdy who loves u away is dat u might push em in2 th hands of a more compatible soulmate...hence endeth a trail of this nice invention called the cellphone! Th future is clearer now

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