Monday, May 10, 2010

Daft Constitution

I'm in love with a strange girl. Her name is ambiguity. Thing is u cn never be wrong when u use her cz each of her characters encompases a huge scope of meaning. Relevance? Got no idea...
Anyway i registered as a voter yesterday. They tell me my vote is my power over politicians. So i gaze at the 'yes' camp, then the 'no' camp, and u knw what i see? All i see is a bunch of vultures rubbing their palms together with glee n an evil 'muwahaha'! My vote my choice. So i avert my gaze from either side...
'Its better than the old one,' one vulture whispers in my ear, the pungent aroma of rotten flesh stinging my nostrils.
'No, its worse than the old one,' whispers another vulture in the other ear...its breath not any fresher than the former's.
I am confused, so i revert to my mentor, 'pardon me oh great one, when we did comparatives n superlatives all those years ago, didnt you say that its a way of comparing two or more items' properties?'
'Yes, my young Padwan', he replied,'remember,the path to wisdom and indepence is littered with the jagged bones and rotten pieces of those who fell before you'
'master, tell me what to choose! I go for the lesser evil? I see on one side th birds have collars around their necks!'
'Ah, the recklessness of youth. My young one, have i not taught you well? Birds of carrion ARE birds of carrion! They are scavengers and flourish in death and putrefaction!'
'What do you mean master?'
'Everywhere they go they follow the path of destruction. Alas my young one, it is not they who are destroyed...
'The collars, they fool you, the whiteness but a façadé of the darkness and greed within!'
'So i go for the birds without collared ones in their midst? Tell me master'
'But i just told you, birds of carrion. Is your judgment hindered by the hollow betwixt your ears? Look closer, young one and see. Their beaks and feathers are tipped with blood. The ranger aims his rifle at their heads, but i fear he's too late and his gun filled with blanks. The shots echo through the grassland but miss their target'
'Is there no hope master?'
'For your generation i fear there is none, for the power of the wielderbeast is drawn from many bodies gathered as one. Your independence from each other is your fall, for they pick you out one by one'
His cryptic talk had totally thrown my orientation to the winds....
'What shall i do master? That is all i seek to know'
'Look around you, what do you see?'
'The vultures on either side'
'What else do you see?'
'What else?'
'Dunno...soil n rocks?'
'No, look deeper, tell me what you dont see'
'I'm not sure where you're heading with this, master!'
'Tell me, what is the work of a scavenger?'
'I heard that! Now tell me, what dont you see?'
'I'm not sure i follow you...'
'Look deeper!'
I rolled my eyes in frustration even as i squinted harder...then i saw them...
'I see them master, i can see them! The eyes! What are they?'
'THE PREDATORS! Th true hunters'
'I dont understand, what does all this mean?'
'What keeps you alive?'
'The green'
'Good. Now what camouflages the hunter?'
'The green'
'How do you know a kill has been/is about to be made?'
'The birds of carrion circling and landing'
'Now my son, you get it' and he vanished! I was alone, it is up to me now... A twig snapped in the undergrowth...
'Better hurry up,' they whispered in unison, the smell overpowering,'He grows restless'
The other vultures were increasingly getting excited. I have to make a decision fast. An eagle flew over and dropped a book on my lap...'read it,' they said in unison, 'make your choice!'
The vultures were excited as they whispered among themselves, much so, i was able to make out their words...'They scatter out in the land...easy picking. It is going to be a good day'
Horrified i flip through the book that has separated us all... When done i'm not wiser for all i have is half the story!
'Isnt it better than the old? Means more green for your kind' The vulture to the left says.
'No,' this time from the right,'means less secure green to eat over, plus your young, they'l be hunted younger. Look at th cuffs n collars on those ones, they'l get dirty'
The stench, they all smelled the same, that stale blood of the poor and defenseless they fed on...master had shown me what lurks in the green.
Back to reality i look at the piece of paper supposed to hold so much power and the slot to collect the power... Those around look surprised at the sound...
I vote for Maduka

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