Friday, December 31, 2010

New dawn

Themaliz candle flickered wildly because of the partially open window. He watched it struggle for a few seconds before it went out. It was completely dark now. He liked it this way. The artificial lighting, fluorescent light, is sometimes too harsh.
He gazed out at the gathering storm. The dark clouds, and the trees being tested for resilience. Funny, that was him some time back. His soul, the clouds; his will, the trees.
He shut the window and lit the candle again. On his desk was a stack of sheets. He thought of dusk, dawn, the dance and now a full circle had been completed. It would be a new dawn in several hours. He couldn't fight off that dull throb of guilt gnawing at the edge of his stubbonness.
What would he write? Wouldn't it be easier to send an intermediary? Better yet, go himself? Nah, it wouldn't be that easy. He continued to stare at the stacks. Where to start, where to start.
"I'm sorry for being such an ass." Ha, the understatement of the century. He really was sorry, he just felt so bad about it he could barely contact her. Sure, the silence would exercerbate the situation, but what could he do, at present he was helpless on where to begin. Kindred spirits, that's what they were. He understood her every action, she was practically him when it came to making decisions whether good or bad.
He stared at the papers for a bit, before pushing them away from himself. Was there any need for lengthy speeches? Not with her,

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