Monday, November 15, 2010

The soul needs rest

It's not pity it needs, neither does it need sympathy

It's a soul bruised, haunted by ghosts past

The spirit still grieves, from a bleeding heart

It longs for peace, and some rest


Do not look at it in sorrow, for it just rests

The spirit in submission, waiting to break loose

As the last of the chains rust, closer to thee freedom

The breeze of the outside stirring the resting soul


Patience kindred spirit, soon we shall roam

A soul unbridled, a spirit untamed

To flow with the wind, and shine with the stars

The world in its grasp, endless possibility


Patience is all it asks for, as it cleanses

As old skins are shed, and torment exorcised

Will you be there kindred spirit, will you wait?

For this soul needs healing, and rest


Do not look in disgust, nor be hasty kindred spirit

Submission is not breakage, just living to fight again

A resting soul is vulnerable, and needs protection

When it rumbles in awakening, will you be there?

Or will our spirits roam wild and free alone?

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