Friday, September 3, 2010


Its really sad that you had to spoil it
It was almost us, the subject of envy
You were this dear to me, almost in my heart
Now you and me, is no more
The sweet nothings we shared are just that,
Sweet nothings, words forever empty
The sweet nectar of our kisses
All removed to the world of what ifs
Your beautiful smile and laugh
Now just any other face in the crowd
To ignore and walk past, not even a glance
Yet the ghost of almost continues to haunt
For behind the coldness was warmth
Our last embrace lingers
The ghost in my head taunts
Willing me for one last try at 'us'
And one more chance for you
But new scabs of friends rid
Throb with new pain killing all hope
Of you getting close again
Still the sweet nothings whisper
Of truth from your lips
And confusion in your thoughts
But its all gone, the second chance
The small part that had loved you
Died in your last act of selfish
Now we'll live in the almost
As i chide myself for not making our last words
Memorable and coated with honey
Goodbye sweet love, my almost

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