Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blogger's dilemma

Sleep eludes me so might as well write.
The blogger's dilemma is the combined cause effect of knowing(or
wondering?) who has access to what you write.
Unlike mainstream or fictional literal works, blogs tend to have more
personal content and emotions. So where do you draw the line? Ideally
one should be able to speak their mind in its entirety, rant, curse or
even cry. This would work perfectly where you have anonymity.
According to the stats of this blog most of the traffic it receives is
through twitter; which is a good thing, but is also the cause of my
grievance, somewhat. Though i'm unknown personally to most of my
followers, i'm getting jitters about the few who do because of the
content of bensyen, and future of it.
I am a person who believes in freedom of expression. I can and do
curse at will without giving a fuck who gets to read or hear it, but
prudence plays a role in the when.
What can i publish without shooting myself in the foot? For example, I
have had clients who were, to say the least, a pain in the ass.
Clients whom i loathed with every fibre of my being but due to
professional courtesy i never blogged to bitch about, because other
potential clients may become aware of my blog and have reservations
about working with me.
Lets bring the issue closer to home; would you write about your
current friends. I'm not talking about the way i can write about my
best friend(former) because i have nothing bad to say about her. No, i
mean those friends who continually lie and by extension shouldn't
actually be refered to as friends.
Here's the big one: would you write about your boss knowing they know
of your blog or might in the immediate future?
I have several posts in the unpublished drafts about friends who
aren't so friendly when they think you aren't looking but i decided
not to publish because in the spirit of vindictiveness that would be
like a pat on the back when colder more delicious vengeance can be
achieved. Watching them squirm beats the most hateful blog, and you
haven't even began to get them back. But that isn't what i was leading
up to with this post.
Would you write about your boss? I know, i rarely wrote about my old
boss, though i will eventually. He was actually among the most
interesting people i've ever met and the content of the topics we
debated will definitely require more blog entries under respective
He knew of my blog, though back then it was, and
he asked about it leading to a discussion of basically what i've been
talking about. If i get into what type of person he was here i'll run
out of space but i'll cover that in a later post. But as far as he was
concerned he never minded as long as company secrets didn't make it
into the blog.
Now we enter my current dilemma. Many of my coworkers are aware of my
blog and more with time as i get more followers on twitter. So what if
a point strikes too close to home? Can i easily tell them to go fuck
themselves the way i do to my friends? Will they take it in the same
spirit my friends do? I won't moderate my tweets in any way, but can i
do the same with my blog? Will i have to constantly watch my back
before clicking 'publish'? I don't know and guess it's a river i'll
cross when i get to it.
Then again i guess this is one of those posts that require a follow up
post to fill in the bigger picture, and one of those you walk into
with your fingers crossed. Here goes nothing. In conclusion will do a
follow up after a month.

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