Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Over the edge


Why take it slow, why keep it simple
Is it coz we’re scared, afraid this will break us apart
Or just excuses, masochistic tendencies
Not keeping the best for yourself
Happiness, always on the other side of the fence
Never on ours, never ours
So why do we curse others
For having what we secretly wanna have
When our arms reach for each other, subconsciously
We push them away, the excuses

We picked a road, I followed it, the safe road
To avoid hurt, for you and for me
It led to a cliff, a dead end
I on this side, you on the other
I turned back, to try come to you
The road had already crumbled behind me
My pedestal cracking, I made a last leap
Towards your side

A cartoon moment, frozen in the air
That moment before you realize, I’m not there yet
I claw at the ground, looking for foothold
I turn to you
You don’t want me to get hurt, baby I know
You don’t want to hurt me like the rest, I know
You are scared we are gonna end up on the rocks
Look at me babe; we’ve known each other for years
I trust you, you trust me,

I’m bleeding, i always did
I never noticed it, til I touched you
Then it stopped hurting, and I knew what it felt not to bleed or hurt
Look babe, I’m bleeding, I’m hurting
I cant claw at this cliff any more, I dont want to die
I cant survive this fall, even u cant fix the pieces when I fall
Save me from this decision I made, this high road I took
Take the chance, gimme your hand
Its hard, I know, we might both go down
I don’t wanna go down I dont want to lose you
My part is done babe, I have reached out to you
I cant stretch any futher, its up to you
Reach for me, show me you care.

Look at that side, see how happy they are
Ours is better, ours is pure
Dont you want happiness here also?
I've always loved you, all i need
Is for you to grab a hold of me
And i'll stop falling